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Food Stamps
Foodstamps, Cashflow and A Couple of Legal Loopholes
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Food Stamps in California

The California Plastic Bag Ban (and Food Stamp Exception)
Food Stamp Restaurant Meals Program
Panda Express inside Von's: In short, you cannot use food stamps at the Panda Express register. It's a Von's register and you can buy groceries at it if you are paying cash. But they cannot process food stamps.

Free Meals in San Diego County, California:
Coffee and Pastry Breakfasts
Once A Week Meal Sites
Daily Meal at St. Vincent de Paul AKA "Father Joe's"
Dinner at Salvation Army
Soup Kitchens
North County Meals
Food Pantries and more North County Meals

Links to Other Sites With Food Stamp Information In California:

North County Food Stamp Office
This is a good online guide to food stamps:
California Guide to Food Benefits
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What other special help can homeless people receive?