Free Food Guy is a website that announces promotional giveaways of food, such as a free coffee at a particular chain or a free burger at some other chain. You can sign up to get notified by email.

If you are so poor that you are eating regularly or periodically at soup kitchens, this would be a vastly better way to get some free food into you. Soup kitchens tend to crowd dirty, sick people together and the quality of the food tends to be low. I and my sons do all we can to avoid going to soup kitchens, and we haven't been to one since we left San Diego County nearly two years ago.

Going to soup kitchens was a great way to expose me to germs, cigarette smoke and marijuana smoke. I am allergic to marijuana and I have life threatening respiratory problems. Eateries, restaurants and other market based solutions generally serve my needs much, much better.

I use loyalty cards at some of my favorite stores to help me stretch my budget. My favorite grocery store sometimes gives away a free food item to reward card members. I absolutely check that out to see if it is a thing we can use and I have been known to grab it even if I can't use it and then just give it away.