Finding Public Pay Phones

I am currently between phones and I don't know when I will have the money to get a new phone. And I kind of need to call my mom to let her know I am fine and was holed up in a hotel during the terrible, deadly storm we recently had in my part of California.

Wow, Google Maps will not do this. I am shocked, confused and aggravated.

So, I found the following article with helpful tips:
How to Find a Pay Phone

The article lists the following two directories: I did not find this terribly helpful. This was vastly more useful to me. But it is just a list with no apparent mapping function. This makes it challenging to determine which phones might be near me. I was using Control F to search the list for street names and place names near me. That has turned up one hit so far.

I managed to contact my mom not long after posting this. I have just been too busy to do an update. Thanks for the concern.