The California Plastic Bag Ban (and Food Stamp Exception)

Per, there were already a number of cities and counties in California that banned single use plastic carry out bags. In 2014, SB 270 was passed, making the ban statewide. It was supposed to go into effect July 1, 2015, but the plastic bag industry got it delayed for a vote under Prop 67 on this year's November 8th ballot.

This proposition has passed. If you are on food stamps, you are supposed to be exempt from the 10 cent bag charge:

  • Prop 67 would stop grocery stores and drug stores in California from using plastic grocery bags by banning them state-wide. (These are the one-use plastic bags. Not the more sturdy reusable ones.)
  • Stores could charge 10-cents (or more) for reusable bags. But low-income people on food stamps would get them at no charge
  • Liquor stores and convenience stores would have to follow suit in a year.

Where I am, Walmart is already charging the 10 cent fee. Some other stores are not. I and my son have both searched and cannot find information on the official start date for this law. He bought a $3 backpack today for the purpose of shopping trips. We do not currently have food stamps, though we technically are low income enough to qualify, and this fee is a hardship for us.

These are other related links I have found, none of which specify an official start date, as far as I can tell: