Food Pantries and more North County Meals

In San Diego County, locals call the northern part of the county North County. These are North County resources that I researched while I was still homeless there. I never ended up actually going to these, but did search for the info because I was in a pickle and trying to find resources for myself.

Bread of Life appears to serve as a food pantry, in addition to other services. They do an evening meal 5 days a week year-round and 7 days a week during the "shelter season" (winter -- December 1st through March 31st).  For Winter, they also list coffee and a snack in the morning and a "lunch to go."

Brother Benno's: They serve breakfast and a sack lunch and give away monthly food boxes to certain qualifying people.  They also supposedly do brunch on Saturday.

Their navigation from their homepage seems to broken at the moment. Navigation from the link I have posted here seems to work. (I do not see a means to email them. If you are a client of theirs and go there in person, perhaps you could mention it.)

So it looks like it is possible to get three meals a day in winter in the North County. However, these two places are quite the hike from each other. Brother Bennos is just off Mission Avenue and Bread of Life is just off Oceanside Boulevard.

Here is a long-ish list of food pantries throughout the county. (I have not personally checked on every listing here.): Food pantries in San Diego

Last updated September 11, 2019.