North County Meals

I know of a couple of free meals in the North County. They are both church-based and once a week. I went several times to the first one. I never made it to the second one listed below.

Friday night, 6:30pm.

First Presbyterian Church
2001 S. El Camino Real
Oceanside, CA 92054

"A meal with a message."

I have seen a sign in front of the church and also was told by someone once they do a meal on Friday nights. I physically walked through and asked around once. There are chairs out back of the church where they have you wait first. The signs to where to go aren't great, but I asked the cleaning lady and she told me generally where I needed to go. Someone else helped me find the exact entrance. 

I have since eaten there. It was really nice, a lot nicer than meals in downtown. They passed out name tags. They feed you first and then have a sermon. The sermon was really nice, not at all the judgey hellfire and brimstone approach of some of the downtown programs. If there are leftovers, after the sermon, you can take a go box.

They ask you to not smoke, drink or do drugs anywhere on campus. If you want to smoke, they ask you to go out to the public sidewalk. As a nonsmoker (and nondrinker and nondrugger) with respiratory problems, I heartily approve and very much appreciated this.

I will probably go again sometime.

Tuesday night, 7pm

Holiday Park
People apparently start lining up before 6pm, but I have been told the meal is not actually served until 7pm. I have not eaten there. I did go in person to check it out and talked to people who were waiting for the meal and apparently had experience with it.

This park also has two sets of public bathrooms with hot air hand-dryers. Additional information about Holiday Park.

Last updated September 11, 2019.