My oldest son and I bought a small watermelon today as part of our lunch and split it between us. It made me think I should write about it. We bought some of the pre-cut stuff recently, but, really, a whole small watermelon is generally both cheaper and fresher.

Maybe you did not realize that a small watermelon can be cut with a plastic knife -- or even the handle of a plastic fork. We did that today because we didn't have a plastic knife on us and have done it on at least one other occasion.

It is possible to get a super small watermelon that one person can easily eat by themselves. Or you can get a slightly larger small watermelon and split it with someone, if you have someone to split it with.

We don't do this very often and usually only in hot weather. But we generally try to eat well. We are on the street to get well and eating healthy is an important part of that. The watermelon was $2.99 and delicious.

Not a bad part of our lunch.