Cheap Eats

Some hot foods I eat and find affordable. Prices may vary and are subject to change. (Some Chipotle prices recently went up, so some of the below prices are out of date, though I have tried to update some of them.) This is just to give you a few ideas. I tend to eat well and usually get a hot meal at least once a day, in spite of being homeless and having no means to cook.

Chipotle prices have gone up since I first made this post: Single taco: beef barbacoa or steak: $2.60 +tax. Chicken or veggie: $2.43 was the original price I recorded and I am not sure what is correct now. Small cheese quesadilla: $1.35 plus tax. Sides are $1.00 plus tax. So you can get, for example, a small cheese quesadilla and a side of beans (tell them "for here" and ask for it in a bowl instead of their little "sides" cups -- they sometimes give a bit more that way for the same price) for something in the neighborhood of $2.50. I don't recall the exact price.

If you get a soft shell taco at Chipotle, you can get rice (brown or white), fajitas (onions and green peppers), beans (black or pinto), meat (chicken, steak, pork or shredded beef), salsa, cheese, sour cream, and lettuce. It adds up to a decent amount of food for not much money. My typical order is: Single softshell corn taco with brown rice, pinto beans, fajitas, shredded beef ("barbacoa"), corn salsa, cheese and lettuce. I pay $2.60 + tax. I need a fork to eat it because I can't just fold it and eat like a taco. You can also get guacomole but it is an extra charge.

Individual pizza at Target: $3.49+tax ($3.77 total -- or $3.59 total with the Target discount card) or $4.49+tax for pizza with a fountain drink. I get just water with it. A water cup is free. Your options are cheese or pepperoni.

Hot soup at a grocery store:  I recently bought a small soup at Von's $2.69. Sometimes crackers are available for free. I have also bought hot soup at Sprout's ($3.23 for a small soup) and Ralph's (around $3).

Dominos: I usually eat lunch with two other people. Monday through Thursday, you can get the carry out special: A large three topping pizza for the price of a medium one topping pizza. You can get cold soda from Dominos but it is pricey. Most of the time, I get take out, go to a nearby park, and supply my own soda. Recently, I noticed that some Dominos sell pizza by the slice: 2 slices plus a drink for $5.

Von's deli: Breakfast burrito with sausage or bacon $2.49 ($2.69 total after tax). Use your Von's card and after buying 7 sandwiches, your 8th is free. They also sell pizza by the slice for $1 ($1.08 after tax).