Daily Meal at St. Vincent de Paul AKA "Father Joe's"

St. Vincent's is maybe a block or two from the Neil Good Day Center. The address is 1501 Imperial. It basically takes up the entire block between 15th 16th. You can get an ID issued so you can get lunch Monday through Saturday and breakfast on Sunday. They have a lot of other programs which I am not yet familiar with. I know they have transitional shelter programs which I am reluctant to pursue. So far, the free lunch program is the only thing I know of which is available through them to folks currently out in the street.

Sunday breakfast is usually better than the daily lunch. Lunch starts at 11:00am. The line begins forming about 10:00am. They let in wheelchairs and walkers first, canes and crutches second, and residents third. After that they let in street people. Like most of the programs, they don't really explain that to the new people, so,my first few visits were frustrating and confusing. The bread and juice are usually the best parts of the meal. Most days they offer three types of juice -- orange, grape and apple -- and you can get all the refills you want. I usually try to get at least one glass of orange juice even if I drink something else with my meal. You can also go back through the line for a second tray. If you leave by the side hall, there are often freebies there. There is frequently bread and sometimes fruit or clothes.

Sunday breakfast starts at 9:30am and the line begins about 8:30am. On weekdays they give you an empty cup to fill but on Sunday the juice is prepoured but at the same table as usual. One person I know,didn't get a drink their first Sunday because the change in procedure confused them Again, these things tend to not get explained.

They have security on site and seem to forbid smoking. It is more orderly and clean than some programs. If you get a meal here and get bread and maybe fruit on your way out the door, this can go a long way towards keeping you fed.