Coffee and Pastry Breakfasts

Not a "real" breakfast but some places serve coffee and pastry in the morning:
  • Urban Ministries: If you need other services there, they serve coffee and pastry while you are waiting. They technically open at 9:00am but sometimes let people in a little before 9:00am. It is best to be there a bit before 9:00am if possible.
  • Rachel's Women's Center: If you are female, you can get coffee and pastry for breakfast here. Some mornings they also serve cereal and fruit. Try to be there around 7:30am. If you are there after 8:00am, the odds are poor that you will get anything.
  • Neil Good Day Center: They don't really serve breakfast and I have never had coffee there but most mornings there is a driveby of donuts. So if you are there at the right time, you can probably get a donut.