Dinner at Salvation Army

Had dinner at the Salvation Army. This was very good. They served a banana, bread with real butter, some hodge podge type dish and a chocolate cupcake. Started with drinks and licorice. It was served in courses. They brought around cheese and sliced onions and asked who wanted some on their main dish. Will do it again. It was clean. The food was good. The wait was not egregious. They did do some preaching but began passing out drinks and stuff while they did so. It was handled a lot better than the way God's Extended Hand does things.

I will note that the piece of paper I have indicates it is at 7th and E Street but it was a mistake to go there. The address is on 7th but the line is at the back of the building on 8th Street. A better intersection to go to is 8th and F Street. The line starts at or before 5pm and they come out to pass out number cards and let you in around 5:30 or 5:45. They apparently only take the first 150 people. After dinner, there was an opportunity to look through some clothes. I have one outfit and a spare t-shirt so I really need clothes but I did not bother because I am running a fever and just wasn't up to it. They also gave out Easter goodies today, so I have pudding and apple sauce available if I get hungry later, which is good since I have 11¢ on me.

Addendum: I have been back a couple more times. It is generally pretty good but not usually as good as that first visit. They only do dinner Monday through Thursday. They do not always have clothes available.