Soup Kitchens

There are three regular meal sites in San Diego. God's Extended Hand is a church site that does both breakfast and dinner most days of the week. I think they do not do breakfast on Sunday. On Sunday, you can get breakfast at St. Vincent's. Most days, St. Vincent's does lunch. You have to have an ID from them to get a meal. And The Salvation Army offers dinner as well several days a week.

So far, I have had one free lunch from St. Vincent's and one free dinner from God's Extended Hand. St. Vincent's was much cleaner but there was a very long wait and long line. God's Extended Hand did a sermon before feeding us. The meal at St. Vincent's was a sandwich, cole slaw, potato chips and choice of grapefruit juice or water. The meal at God's Extended Hand was rice, meatballs, bread, varied deserts (but you got whatever happened to be given to you, there was no choice offered) mixed veggies and choice of tea or water. I also went to a place today called Rescue Mission because they were offering an Easter dinner. I did not eat. They wanted everyone to leave all their stuff outside on the street. They also did not indicate this on the announcement we were given. So I felt like I wasted a bunch of time and energy walking over there.

Ideally, I would like to do a map and schedule of all the places which offer meals but I have no idea if I can pull that off. The printed list I was given is filled with incorrect information, which has been very frustrating at times. There are resources here to keep body and soul together while in the street but it can be very challenging to find it all. I have fantasies this blog might improve on that situation but I have no idea if I can actually do that while homeless.