Panda Express inside Von's

On Easter Sunday, when I ended up backtracking to find a place to get snacks, I ended up at Von's. To my surprise, the Panda Express inside the Von's was open so I decided to get dinner there.  I tried to pay for my snacks at the same register I paid for my meal -- the Panda Express register. They said I could do that but when I tried to pay with food stamps, they ended up having to get a manager override to void the entire ticket.

The register at Panda Express is a Von's register. They can take Von's gift cards there but not Panda Express gift cards. But it does not accept EBT. So you cannot use food stamps to pay for other items from elsewhere in the Von's at that register, even though you can pay for other items at that register if you are using a debit card or paying cash.

This ended up being a pain and I was a little embarrassed and it delayed me a little. It was not a huge issue but I am hoping other folks can learn from my mistakes and not have to go through the hassle (some folks are much more sensitive to embarrassment and the like than I am, so I can well imagine this would bother some folks a lot more than it did me.)

I don't eat at Panda Express very often. It is a little on the expensive side. But I do eat there occasionally. If you get a two item entrĂ©e, you can get a loyalty card and for something like every twelve meals, get a free meal.  I did that once. Or you can trade the card in for a free soda after four meals or something else after eight (a spring roll, I think).